Services and machines

Our quality consists in the combination of technologically advanced machines, experience and passion.

Batav offers electrical wiring of certified quality, made with the most performing machines and designed by a competent and experienced technical. Assistance is guaranteed at all stages of the process, starting from the first analysis phase, in which technicians propose customized projects in compliance with the needs of the customers, up to the final test phase. The quality of Batav wiring is the combination of 40 technologically advanced machines, experience in the industrial field and a great passion for work.  

  • Komax 333
    Komax 432
    Komax 477
    Komax 633/655
    Kormak TS33
    Kormak TT85
    Makfil Multipolare TS 200
    Errebi SP 101
    Widenbach CS 407+ testa CP 84-3
    Kabelmatic Crimp m8
    Komax BT711
  • INARCA AHM25 evo
    INARCA AHM50 evo
    Semiautomatica LUMBERG
    Semiautomatica INARCA
    Semiautomatica TYCO